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Hello. I’m William Morin. Creator of StocksForexFutures Blog.

I am as of now, a full time Executive Chef for a fast pace, fine dining, high volume restaurant. Mountains of debt from culinary school and the type of salary that comes with the job just doesn’t add up.

Although I have a passion for the craft, I do desire a different quality of life. So my path began much like a lot of folks paths begin to financial freedom, a Google search, “How to make $100,000 fast”. Day trading became the answer.

Day trading also became the new passion.



What StocksForexFutures Is About


I want to help people on a similar path that I am on.

I am here to show you that if you pursue a dream of being a successful day trader, study, and practice then you will succeed. I’ll show you how to trade with your own capital or, even better, help you win a funded account with TopstepTrader to trade their capitol and keep a generous percentage.

I have spent countless nights getting home from a fifteen hour shift, sitting on the computer and studying the markets, trading strategies and opportunities that I may take to change careers and have a better quality of life. I have managed, in my little free time to learn trading, become a funded proprietary trader and begin the process of a career change.





Getting Started Day Trading

There are three articles here that I consider required reading for anyone interested in getting started trading. These posts are meant to get you started in learning to trade and ready you for the chance to win a funded account and begin trading and making money without risking any of your own. These articles are also my most popular blog posts to date!

  1. Beginner’s Guide To Trading Futures
  2. Beginner’s Guide To Technical Analysis
  3. Why Trade For TopstepTrader?



What StocksForexFutures is NOT

There are a lot of questions and concerns that I got when I first started this website. I would like to be quite clear about what we are NOT, specifically:

  • This is NOT a get rich quick website.

Getting rich does not happen overnight. Like all good things, we need to work hard, deal with failure and learn from our mistakes. As long as you are persistent and dedicated YOU WILL get what you want out of life.

  • I am NOT here to sell you my trading strategy.

There are many trading websites and blogs that try to get you to subscribe to their “members area” for a monthly fee or try to sell you an indicator or a trade setup. This is not that type of website. I am here to teach you how to trade. How it is possible to do it while working another job. And show you how to transition fully.

  • I will NOT promote programs and education the I have not used.

I cannot teach you everything. But I sure will try! Although I am a strong believer in taking many pieces of information from many different sources and making that into something you can understand and use! The programs I mention in my blog and my resources page are programs that I have used and have helped me become a better, funded trader.

  • I will NOT email you stock picks and “BUY NOW” spam.

I see no benefit in telling people what stock, market or currency to buy or short. We can’t learn anything that way, and rarely can we profit that way. My newsletter is designed to take you on a slightly accelerated learning path similar to the one I was on up to this point. Including a 20% off discount code for your first TopstepTrader Combine evaluation. I will email you over the course of a few weeks some material and advice to make you a better trader. Any important announcements and offers will be broadcast to you as they come.

  • I will NOT lie to you and hide my bad trades.

I am here to be up front. I have made mistakes on my path to becoming a trader and it is important to learn from those mistakes. I have learned, I have “paid my tuition to the market.” And I want you to learn those lessons so you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I did.






For us just getting started in our careers trading, I fully recommend joining the trading environment at TopstepTrader. For one, the trading community and chat room are full of professionals trying to succeed and the culture that TopstepTrader promotes to help traders become successful is reflected in the attiude of the other traders in the chat rooms.


Most Importantly!…

TopstepTrader gives you the opportunity to get evaluated, become a funded trader, trade their money and keep 80% of the profits! This is the BEST opportunity that we have to begin our trading careers, get your feet wet, and begin on your path to financial freedom. Sign up for our newsletter, get your discount code, and start your evaluation!

Listen to my Funded Trader Interview below!


Welcome To The Team!

I want to be your teacher, your friend, and mentor in this process. Please contact me at any time about any question or concerns that you may have. I do my very best to answer every email I get and I WILL get back to you in due time.

With my website I will show you how simple it can be to learn to trade and show you exactly what you need to do to earn a spot with TopstepTrader, trade their capitol (from home), and begin a career for yourself where you can have quality of life, be your own boss, and truly be rewarded for the effort you put in.

Start with our newsletter. Sign up below or on the sidebar. Get your discount code and lets get started!


Through my abundant failures and minimal successes I will teach you what I know.


Let’s begin.

William Morin