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Welcome to my blog! I’m William, founder of StocksForexFutures. You have come here to find out how to get up $150,000 in trading capital, risk free, and to really turn your life around and make serious money day trading.

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What you need:

  • Experience Trading
  • Internet Connection
  • Ability to prove yourself during a 10 day live trading test
  • Risk Management Skills
  • The Right Guide (My Free EBook)

What you DON’T need:

  • Capital Contribution
  • Special Trading Licenses
  • Worry About Loosing Money


Two Ways to Get Started

One (Your Ready!):

Go directly to TopstepTrader.

Sign up HERE and get an exclusive 20% discount on the Trading Combine to evaluate you and get you funded!

Two (You are Unsure):

I understand the caution you may have from an opportunity like this. Allow me to rest your mind a bit. Download My FREE ebook:“How To Get Funded”. Or signup for my mailing list and get the Ebook and special training to help you get funded! It is my complete guide to the entire process as I progressed through the TopstepTrader Trading Combine to a funded trading account. And read up a bit on my story here.

Download the Free Ebook

How To Get Funded – Unboxing the TopstepTrader Combine

Contact me if you have any questions, this is what my site is for!



William Morin

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